March 05, 2021
2021 Revaluation

Last summer, SAMA conducted a physical inspection of all Herbert properties; the result of which you can view on the 2021 Assessment Notice you'll be receiving in the mail on Monday, March 8. It's important, as a property owner, that you take the time to review the assessment as the majority of properties have gone up in value while others have decreased. This will undoubtedly cause some alarm, but the town advises you to direct your inquiries to SAMA (Sasktatchewan Assessment Management Agency) as noted in the above viewed administrator's letter. The Town does not play a role in the revaluation process.

For more information on the Revaluation process please view the pdfs available under the drop down list of Governance/Finance & Administration/Assessments - 2021 Revaluation. This will provide valuable information for anyone wanting to better understand the complicated process; or wanting to appeal a property assessment.